Tuesday, May 20, 2014

www.tigresmipasion.com (change domain)

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He had perhaps not noticed it, but since about 5 days ago, changed domain name. Before our address or url was; www.insightmediastrategy.com and now is; www.tigresmipasion.com . in this way, it will be easier for our visitors, subscribers, members on facebook, twitter followers and users in general, recall the address of our website.

We take this opportunity to thank her and remind you that our commitment to you remains the same; Offer you the best images and photographs, in one place. If desired, make use of the options that most suit you then. Subscribe by email | Follow us on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter | Subscribe to our Feed Rss | Be part of our circles on Google + | Send a message to picaysabe@gmail.com Greetings in the distance with my best wishes.

P.S. thank you BlogSpot! It was nice to be with you for 7 years.
P.S. to continue using the services of Google and Blogger, but with their own domain. (Control-D to save this page in your Favorites)